Costs for Uninsured Services

Please refer to Clinic at the Corner’s specific policies to determine when fees may apply.

Please note that individual physicians reserve the right to adjust or waive fees at their discretion.

Fees are determined based on suggested rates per the Ontario Medical Association, derived from hourly rates and equivalent fees from Ontario’s schedule of benefits.


Prescriptions and refills without a visit$22.75


No show / missed appointments$30


Sports / athletic forms$30
School / camp forms$30
Disability tax credit$100
Drivers’ physicals$200
General short forms$30
General extended forms$60
General long forms$150


Ear flushing
Insured ear flushing: only if causing hearing impairment
Liquid nitrogen$20
Uninsured wart treatment
Insured warts: soles of feet, genitals, head & neck in children, immunocompromised
Cosmetic skin excisions (skin tags, moles, etc.)$50 and up

Travel Medicine

This office does not provide travel medicine advice; this service is not covered under OHIP and is not within the practice scope of these physicians.