Dec 2 2019: After-hours clinics now available

As of Dec 2, 2019, patients who are rostered to the Clinic at the Corner will have access to after hours clinics, Mon through Fri evenings from 5-8 PM.  These clinics are the shared responsibility of over 30 doctors in the area, and are located at the host physician’s clinic.

These are for acute, urgent issues only.  Patients are encouraged to call their family physician first to see if any same-day fit-in spots are available during office hours.

In order to roster to the clinic, patients must sign patient enrolment forms provided by the Ministry of Health.  All patients who have already been seen will be required to complete these additional forms.  Patients may drop into the office to do so, or can fill them out at their next appointment.  Original copies are required by the Ministry and therefore cannot be downloaded, faxed or emailed.  Once rostered, patients can access the after-hours clinic services.

Our office message now features an option to dial 2 for after hours information.  It provides instructions on which physician is hosting the clinic that day, as well as their location and how to contact them.

In order to book an appointment in after-hours clinic, patients should call the host physician’s office after 4pm only, to book an appointment that day between 5 and 8PM.

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