Flu vaccination clinic (2020)

Our office will be offering a drive-through influenza vaccine clinic by appointment only on Saturday November 7.  This is the earliest we are able to receive vaccine supplies in reasonable quantities from Public Health, who in turn receives them from a provincially managed supply.  We are also receiving high-dose vaccines in limited quantities.

Adults over 65 are recommended to get the high-dose vaccine.  All adults under 65, regardless of other existing health conditions, are recommended to get the regular vaccine.  Children under 9 years old who are receiving the vaccine for the first time are required to receive a second booster 4 weeks after their initial vaccine.

This year, pharmacies will be receiving their supplies directly from manufacturers and as such will have vaccines available earlier than us; they are also administering the high dose vaccine this year.  

As such, if you do not feel you can wait until November 7, or feel strongly you need the high dose vaccine, we encourage you to inquire at your local pharmacy.  

In order to arrange a flu vaccination through our clinic, we ask you to call the office to book an appointment on Saturday November 7.  We anticipate slots will fill quickly and we will not be able to accommodate booking requests online – appointments must be made by phone only.

During the vaccine clinic on November 7, please note:

  •  We will be administering the vaccine to you in your car to avoid crowding in the office.  If you are not able to come by car, please call and we may be able to accommodate you.
  •  We will be waiting for you at your appointment time in the parking lot at the rear of the clinic, which you can access by entering the parking lot from Sidney Street and driving behind the Shoppers Drug Mart to our rear parking lot.  
  • We will administer the vaccine to you in your car. 
  • Please dress in clothing that will allow you to easily expose your upper arm to receive the vaccine.  
  • You will be asked to wait in your car for 15 minutes after your vaccine is administered and then you are free to go.
  • Per Public Health guidance, we are NOT able to administer the flu vaccine to anyone with symptoms of COVID who has not had a negative swab.  If you are unwell on the day of the vaccine clinic, we ask you to stay home.
  • If you are over the age of 65 but we have not received enough high dose vaccine supply, you may receive the regular vaccine instead.

We will plan to do a second drive through in early December to accommodate remaining patients, as well as for children requiring their 4 week booster after their first vaccine.  Details on this will be available in November.

Dec 2 2019: After-hours clinics now available

As of Dec 2, 2019, patients who are rostered to the Clinic at the Corner will have access to after hours clinics, Mon through Fri evenings from 5-8 PM.  These clinics are the shared responsibility of over 30 doctors in the area, and are located at the host physician’s clinic.

These are for acute, urgent issues only.  Patients are encouraged to call their family physician first to see if any same-day fit-in spots are available during office hours.

In order to roster to the clinic, patients must sign patient enrolment forms provided by the Ministry of Health.  All patients who have already been seen will be required to complete these additional forms.  Patients may drop into the office to do so, or can fill them out at their next appointment.  Original copies are required by the Ministry and therefore cannot be downloaded, faxed or emailed.  Once rostered, patients can access the after-hours clinic services.

Our office message now features an option to dial 2 for after hours information.  It provides instructions on which physician is hosting the clinic that day, as well as their location and how to contact them.

In order to book an appointment in after-hours clinic, patients should call the host physician’s office after 4pm only, to book an appointment that day between 5 and 8PM.