Appointments may be scheduled over the phone or in person. We are looking into adding online booking as an option in the future. 

When booking an appointment, please identify the reason for your visit as accurately as possible.  This allows the length of the appointment and the need for urgent availability to be triaged appropriately.  Please also advise at the time of booking if you require a form or note to be completed, as this can affect the length of the visit.

If your child or family member requires an appointment as well, please advise our receptionist when booking.  Each patient requires their own appointment to allow adequate time to address individual issues.

Our phones are answered Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 3:30pm, and Fridays from 8:30am to 12:00pm.  There is a holding queue, so please stay on the line and the receptionist will answer your call in order at her earliest opportunity.  Early mornings are the busiest times for the phones, so if you have a non-urgent issue, you may have a shorter wait time if you phone later in the day.  There is no voice messaging service available.

Urgent Issues

We have spaces set aside daily for urgent same-day and next-day appointments to ensure better access for you to medical care.  If you have an acute illness, we will try to fit you into the schedule same- or next-day as best as possible. If your family physician is not available that day, one of the other physicians in our clinic may see you, pending their availability.  

If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the emergency department. The nearest emergency room is located at Belleville General Hospital, 265 Dundas Street East, in Belleville, Ontario.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.  This allows for you to be checked-in, seen by the nurse and then seated in a room at your appointment start time. 

Please bring your health card to all visits, as it will be required for check-in.

If you are requesting prescription renewals, please bring all prescriptions with you, not only the one you need renewed, as we will try to align your prescription refills as best as possible.

Meet and Greet Visit

We will reach out to patients of the clinic to schedule initial Meet and Greet visits. If you have been contacted by our office, this means that you have been accepted as a patient of the practice. The Meet and Greet is not an interview or screening visit. It is an opportunity for you and the doctor to meet, review your past medical history and medications, make sure you are up to date on screening tests, and so on.

There will likely not be time to address any new health concerns at that visit. Once your meet and greet is completed, you can schedule future visits to address upcoming health concerns.

Prior to your Meet and Greet visit, there are two forms that we would like completed. The Welcome Letter and Medical Intake Form may be downloaded from the website or picked up at the clinic. Please drop these off at the clinic 1-2 business days prior to your initial appointment.

After Hours Clinic

Your family physician will soon be joining a group of physicians (Family Health Organization) who provide after hours clinics for urgent issues on weeknights from 5pm-8pm. We will update this website and our phone message when these services become available. After that point, should you wish to utilize the after hours clinic, please call our office and the daily message will provide instructions.

For the best continuity of care, we ask that you first try to book in with your own physician during the day where possible before accessing the after-hours clinics.  

No available walk-in services

Please phone to book a same- or next-day appointment.  There are no immediate spaces available if you walk in requesting to be seen urgently in person.

Outside use and walk-in clinics

Whenever possible, please book in for a same- or next-day appointment with your family physician rather than attending a walk-in clinic.  This allows better continuity of care, as we receive no notes or prescriptions from walk-in clinics and do not know what has happened or how you have been treated.